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Tests with Various Teleconverters at 30m (Tripod)

Tests with Various Teleconverters at 200m (Hand-Held)

Magnification Factors and Closest Focus Distances

Example Images with Teleconverters

An adapter for the ZS20/TZ30

Previously I made an adapter for using teleconverters (TCs) with my ZS3/TZ7, as described here. However, the adapter was too short, by about 1cm, for use on the ZS20/TZ30.  Also, while the adapter had been a tight fit around the lens housing on the ZS3, it was slightly loose when placed over the ZS20 lens housing.

I already had a two-part adapter designed for the FZ18 which I had previously purchased.  The detachable tube section of this adapter had a 52mm thread at each end and its length proved to be just right when screwed directly onto the 52mm thread on my ZS3/TZ7 adapter.

To solve the problem of the loose fit of the adapter over the lens housing, I coated the inner surface at that end with a thin layer of two-part epoxy.  When it had set I found that it made a tight fit over the lens housing, and it also gripped the metal quite tightly because of the nature of the epoxy surface.  The adapter and extension tube section are shown below:

Adapter with the tube extension

Obviously this adapter could not be used with heavy TCs such as the Nikon E17ED.  Instead, the TC is held in a mount ring and the ring is supported on a tripod.  I found that the mount ring supplied with the Nikon E17ED was very suitable for this purpose.  This setup avoids having any weight on the camera itself.  Shown below is the setup I use for the FZ20 with the Nikon E17ED stacked in front of the Nikon E15ED.

ZS20 with adapter and stacked Nikon TCs mounted on the tripod

I recently purchased Yunteng fluid head (as shown) for $37 on eBay for my old Velbon tripod and I found that it is very sturdy and it works well.

An alternative to this setup is the Manfrotto 293 lens support, which is priced at around $65.  This separately supports both the camera and the TC/s, and it has a sliding plate which is designed for DSLRs and telephoto lenses.  However, the plate can be reversed to give the shorter spacing required for the ZS20 with TCs, as described here.

I have described further alternative options for adapters for the Panasonic ZS/TZ series here.

The following section describes testing of different teleconverters and stacked teleconverters on the ZS20 at 30m using a tripod.

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